Benefits of TeamAlert

Learn how TeamAlert helps you to keep your people safe.

Communication made easier

Our app uses unique technology for easier communication. Push messages are sent immediately to all recipients. The message cuts straight through silent-mode, and always reaches the recipient. Use location targeting to alert only team members currently within a specific area. Status logs are updated in real-time.

Communication made safer

Geolocation services facilitate features like “Track Me” and “Missions” for increased security when your employees are out on risky assignments. You can easily see where they are at any given time. Privacy is of course built-in and all location data is deleted automatically.

Communication made faster

With IoT technology and smart buttons, messages can be sent out in seconds when urgency is key. Perfect for employees working alone in potentially unsafe environments, where a simple button can be the only way to trigger an alarm. The buttons come in two versions: one for permanent installation in your premises and a personal version for portable use.

Get started with TeamAlert today

Start a free trial subscription for your organization, download the app and begin today, free of charge, free of commitment.

The basic edition includes essential features for up to 5 members:

  • Set up your organization
  • Organize your members into teams
  • Alert with the TeamAlert app
  • Comments and updates on all alerts

Upgrade to a paid subscription and get extra:

  • As many users as you need
  • Location alerts
  • Positioning
  • SMS fallback

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